This webpage is dedicated to the memory of a diminutive yet remarkable lady, Marjorie Cooper, whom I knew as “Margie.” Margie was my great-grand aunt.  My memories of Margie are of her warmth, generosity, and her mirthful laughter.

Margie in St. George, Maine (summer 1986).

Margie in St. George, Maine (summer 1986).

Here’s a rather embarrassing picture of me with Margie and my sister, Charity.


Special thanks are due to Jill Erickson of the Falmouth Public Library for directing me to useful resources that enriched this site.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. What a lovely site, how fortunate you were to have such a colorful and talented family membe. One of my first and favorite books was “Our World of Color and Sound”. Fifty years later – delighted to know more about the hand that held the brush. Grateful for the inspiration – I am an artist too!!


  2. LOVELY LOVELY website- I grew up with your great Aunt’s illustrative paintings in all those wonderfl children’s books -they just don’t make anything like that today, she is a pretty lady, and will live forever in our hearts! Kimberly


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