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 Marjorie Cooper: A Brief Biography

Jean J. Parrish, Forest Babies (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1949).Books Original Works018
SculptureScan10278 Jeepers the FrogScan10306
Margie’s HomeMargie14 Margie’s GardensGardens30
 Letters from Childrenchildren Career03A Fashionable Lady
 Child07Early Years  Hurricane04Hurricane Carol
 PostbudTranslations Screenshot 2019-01-01 12.01.02Margie’s Books on the Internet Archive



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  1. One of my all time favorite children’s books growing up was Forest Babies! I am 50 years old now but I can still see the characters of Buffin the bear and Roly and Poly the raccoons in my memory as if it were yesterday. That is a story that I kept with me. It helped me to develop a love of animals and children’s books. I am now a children’s librarian and animal rights activist and vegan! Amazing how much one book can influence a person’s life! Thank you Marjorie for your work!!


  2. I’m trying to find a book my friend read as a child.

    She says in the book there is a Picture of God with a crown on a throne, surrounded by clouds
    he wore a long silver grey robe, silver crown, long white beard and white hair.
    She thought it was in the little golden book about God, but we cant find that picture in it.
    She was living in the UK, so it may be a UK book edition.
    Someone has also suggested it could be a Rand Mcnally Elf book, as they have similar illustrations.
    I’m now wondering it was one of Marjorie Cooper’s illustrations as she illustrated books like “Tell me about Heaven” “God Loves Me” or maybe “God is Good” “A Child’s Thought of God” I’m not sure.

    If anyone can help locate the book this picture is in it would be a great help.
    Thanks for your help


    • Hi Tim,
      Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, although I’ve collected pictures of the front covers of Marjorie’s books for this website, I don’t own all of them, so I can’t check for you. I hope visitors to this site will see your question and perhaps find an answer for you.
      All the best,
      J. N. Tilton


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